"MASTERY QUEEN" 2 piece trouser suit set

₦150,000 ₦170,000

Its your EXOUSIA season. Its your time to take authority, its your time to take up space! We know it and you know it too! Thats exactly why your are here. You have imagined what it would be like showing up as the master of her craft.

Here is a stylish blend of crepe and ankara peplumed jacket and navy blue pants. Suitable for speaking engagements, global events, weddings, etc. Additional details below....

• Model is wearing a UK size 14  • Double breasted jacket and relaxed fit

• Fabric type: 100% premium cotton Ankara and premium quality crepe

• Plain fabric colour is navy blue. Colour might look a little different on some pictures due to studio lightening. Other fabric designs and colours are available based on demand

• Wholesale, bulk and mass production also available on demand (Click on any of the social buttons below) 

• Care instructions: Best washed by Hand (with soap bar). However, it can also be drycleaned/machined washed. Please do not soak in water for an elongated period of time.

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