You are probaby right about the fact that our programs might not be for you. This is because we cater to a specific audience with specific needs. So here is the thing: There is money and there is peaceful money. Our goal is to ensure that you make money in such a way that you don't lose your peace.

Our programs focus on staff, time and resource management. This is because, it is critical for expansion. However, if you dont have plans to expand your business beyond yourself, then our programs are not for you. We welcome you to check if our other products are a perfect fit for you.

Not at all. Can we share a secret? Most fashion brands that you know and love started with zero fashion skills. Infact, you need more business organization and people management skills than fashion skills to grow/scale up your fashion business. We are sure that you know many people with fashion skills that have shut down their business. You can sign up for any of our business programs for more information

Yes we do. Infact, we offer a solution we call the "BOSS PACKAGE" covering all of the above including but not limited to the production of uniforms. In addition, we offer various training services for new brands trying to gain entrance into the fashion industry or already existing brands trying to scale up but unsure of what steps to take or what to prioritize. Our goal is to help them gain clarity and equip them with all that is necessary to save them from avoidable mistakes.